Mitford School  |  Fall - Winter 2018

Project Challenge:

How might we improve mental health and well-being in our schools, homes, and communities?

Project Mental Wellness Kick-Off

Kick-Off Session

Make Good has partnered Mitford School to launch Project Mental Wellness.  During this residency, 16 grade 6, 7 & 8 students will engage in a 15-week human-centered design program to take on the challenge:


"How might we improve mental health and well-being in our schools, homes, and communities?"


Students will apply design thinking skills to create tangible solutions that promote mental wellness and share them with their peers, families, and community.

Youth are among the highest risk populations for mental health related illness and death.

  • In Canada, it’s estimated that 10-20% of youth are affected by mental illness or disorder. 

  • 3.2 million youth (12-19) are at risk for developing depression. Canada’s youth suicide rate is the 3rd highest in the industrialized world.  

  • Suicide is among the leading causes of death in 15-24 year old Canadians, second to only accidents (24%). 

  • 4,000 people die prematurely each year from suicide. 

  • In Canada, only 1 out of 5 children who need mental health services receives them. 

  • Surpassed only by injuries, mental disorders in youth are ranked as the 2nd highest hospital care expenditure in Canada.

  • Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected. 

Mental Health Commission of Canada (2013). Making the case for investing in mental health in Canada.

Project Mental Wellness Session #2

Engineering Wellness | Session 2

Design Challenge | Session 3&4

Project Mental Wellness is an opportunity to:

  • Address the subject of mental health in a way that engages youth’s creativity, curiosity, strengths and intuitive problem-solving skills.

  • Help re-frame mental health as an opportunity for wellness vs. just about illness and negative symptoms of unhealth. To see mental wellness as a life-skill.

  • Challenge and reduce stigma and discrimination attached to mental illness.

  • Build empathy for others & celebrate diversity

  • Promote self-awareness and self-care.

  • Build student’s creative confidence to turn ideas into action & take initiative within their communities. 

  • Make connections in the community and authentic ways to participate and contribute.

Ideation & Prototyping | Session 5,6 & 7

Make it Real | Sessions 8 & 9

Project Ideation & Prototyping | Sessions 5, 6, 7

Make It Real | Sessions 8, 9, 10, 11

Launch Day

Listen to the Make Yourself Gooder Podcast

(Student Project)

Student Interviews

Dawson (Grade 7)

Coalton (Grade 8)

Bryce (Grade 8)

Grace (Grade 7)

Lina (Grade 8)

Owen (Grade 7)


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